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Days/Times: Mondays, 11 am - 4 pm
Duration: 15 minutes

Please do not book more than one appointment date.

If family members also need appointments and will accompany you, you can all come under one appointment without the need to book separate appointments. Please arrive on time. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please use the calendar platform to do so as soon as possible.


Amici House by Convivio | Little Italy, 250 W. Date Street, San Diego, CA 92101, (At Amici Park - Date and Union Streets)
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How can we be of service?

At the San Diego office, we can capture fingerprints, signature, and photo, which are then digitally sent to the LA consulate. Your application form, payment, and other documents can then be sent BY YOU directly to the LA consulate by postal service.

What to bring to the appointment:

Photo. Passport-size photo to be digitized, as we do not print photos at the local office.
Expired/previous passport (if applicable)
AIRE. Evidence of AIRE registration. Current address must match what is in the database.
Consent Form. If you have minor children, regardless of whether the passport is for you or your child/children, you will need to have a consent form completed by the other parent. If other parent is not a citizen of Italy/EU, the identity and signature must be verified by our office (or notary).

IMPORTANT: Please refer to the documentation pages for all the passport requirements and what you need to mail to Los Angeles:

Passport documentation and information:
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FAST IT platform for AIRE confirmation:
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Please note for dual citizenship holders: When sending your documents to Los Angeles, a copy of your US passport is sufficient.

Please note regarding minors under age 12: Fingerprints are not required, so an appointment is not necessary. Simply mail your documents to the LA consulate.

All matters regarding obtaining Italian citizenship are handled by the LA consulate.
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All matters regarding obtaining Italian visas are handled by the LA consulate, and we cannot advise on visa matters.
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We are able to verify your identity at the local office, and then you can mail your application and documents directly to the LA consulate.

What to bring: Two copies of your application and passport/ID.

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This honorary consulate does not offer notary nor power of attorney services. Please refer to the following link regarding notary services.
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To obtain a fiscal code, please refer to the following link.
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This honorary consulate does not offer apostille services. For assistance, please contact the LA consulate or the California Secretary of State.